Digital Salon: Increasing Prices Intelligently

May 2, 2023


Price increases are an important lever to align the cost and value of your product—but anyone who’s tried them knows how prickly they can be. In this session, Mark describes how to manage a price increase (hint: it probably shouldn’t be an across-the-board increase) including deciding how much more to charge, which customers it should affect, and managing roll-out.

✅ Ideal for Product Leaders, Finance Leaders, Go-to-Market Leaders and CEOs/Founders

📈  Join to discuss:

  • Why inflation might be an excuse to raise prices, but it shouldn’t be the reason 
  • Four indicators you should consider raising prices
  • A tiered approach to implementing price increases among your current installed base
  • Three techniques you can use to charge different prices for identical products
  • When and how to use Van Westendorp and Conjoint for a data-first approach to price increases
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